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Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes come in all different shapes, styles and sizes. There’s a costume out there to suit every type of trick or treater and the party goers too. Whether you want to look positively spine chilling or cute and creepy, there’s a costume out there for you. Halloween only comes around once a year, so why not make the most of it by getting all dressed up? There are so many choices that you’ll definitely find something that suits you. Let’s take a look at some ideas that will give you a night to remember!

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Costumes for Kids

Kids love Halloween and the idea of dressing up. There are so many different costumes for kids out there. There’s absolutely no reason any two children should be dressed the same for the occasion. Animal costumes are really cute; your child could be a cow or an elephant. If that’s not their thing, how about dressing them up as their favourite Disney character? They could be Queen Elsa or long haired Rapunzel for the night. That’s not all; there are fairy costumes, pirate costumes, clown costumes - you name it. Toddlers don’t need to get left out either, with cute and funny ‘minion’ costumes available. For something that’s themed for Halloween specifically, they could dress up as the cutest pumpkin you’ve ever seen. Everybody loves a kid in a pumpkin costume! Mini witches and vampires look amazing too. There are all kinds of costumes for kids of all ages.

Costumes for Teenagers

There is so much choice for all the teenagers who want to get dressed up and look creepy. With zombie movies taking over the screen at the moment, you can be anything from undead prom queen to a zombie jock. For a more modern take on Halloween, you could put your make-up skills to the test to dress up as a Day of the Dead Sugar Skull or Glitter Witch. Or you can always go classic with a creepy clown or skeleton suit.

Cute Costumes

If you’re an adult who’d rather look cute than creepy this Halloween, you can do just that. There are plenty of cute costumes available, from fairytale themed costumes to cheerleader costumes. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up as the weird and wonderful cute thing you’ve always wanted to be! There’s no need to make yourself look frightening if you really don’t want to. You can still get involved, dressed up and have a good time.

Scary Costumes

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without scary costumes. Some of us love to terrify people, others love to be terrified. It’s a win-win situation! Lots of people are terrified of clowns, and you can take it one further this year by getting a realistic rubber clown mask to scare them out of their wits. You can give people nightmares for a week with some of the realistic masks available! If you’d rather use makeup on your own face, you can do that too. You could even dress as one of your favourite classic characters with a twist. Apply lots of realistic costume makeup, fake blood, and make sure your outfit is ripped to shreds. You could become a zombie Lady GaGa, or a crazy Alice in Wonderland. Twisted fairytale costumes are always fun because you get to put your own spin on a popular character. A bruised and bloodied Snow White or a zombie Mad Hatter is sure to be absolutely terrifying. Get in the spirit of Halloween and become a part of the walking dead for the night.

Funny Costumes

If you’d like to look on the funny side of Halloween, then a funny costume would probably suit you better. There are no end to the amount of hilarious things you can dress up as for Halloween. You could literally be a ‘big baby’ with a baby costume, a whoopie cushion, or a can of beer. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you could even dress as a giant food item or a Rubix cube. You won’t scare anybody, but you’ll make them laugh. 

Monster Costumes

Monster costumes never go out of style for Halloween. You could be a vampire for the night, a zombie, or a werewolf. You could even be a mummy, wrapped up in full bandages. There are witches and walking skeletons too. Other popular costumes include zombie brides and nurses. You can make these outfits as scary and realistic or as lighthearted as you like.

Sexy Costumes

Some people like to use Halloween as an excuse to get really dressed up and flash a bit of flesh. Enter the sexy costumes! You could be a maid, a nurse, or a burlesque dancer. You can make pretty much anything sexy if you buy the right costume and accessories. There are even sexy cats, devils, pirates, and skeletons. Let’s not forget the sexy fallen angels and naughty fairies either! All kinds of mythical creatures can be suitable for Halloween - mermaids are sure to be popular this year too. It’s up to you whether you spook it up a little by carrying fake weapons and applying clever makeup. You could even make your costume half and half; half regular burlesque dancer, and half zombie burlesque dancer if you can’t decide.

Costumes by Era

Maybe you want to use Halloween to give a nod to one of your favourite eras. You can literally pick a costume to help you do just that, whether you want to be a flapper girl or a 90s raver. There are a number of costumes that channel those eras perfectly, and don’t forget the accessories to help make them perfect. You can travel back in time for the night and get physical in your 80s gear, or spice up your life with your 90s outfit. If this isn’t Halloween-y enough, it’s simple enough to cover yourself in fake bruises, blood, and scars. You can be anything or anybody you want to be on Halloween!

Celebrity Costumes

Is there a celebrity you just love? Halloween could be the perfect excuse to dress like them and act like them. People would frown upon this on any normal day, but you can get away with it on Halloween. There’s Elvis, Boy George, Cher, or even Sid Vicious. Alive or dead, you can make it work. You could even do something much more subtle and dress as a celebrity a little more current - Michael Buble anyone? Maybe you’d rather dress up as a celebrity you/everybody hates. This is Halloween after all. You could be a politician, or a controversial public figure. Put a twist on your celebrity costume with lots of fake blood and makeup if you like. Everybody can get involved in Halloween whatever their costume style and comfort levels.

Character Costumes

Character costumes are always really fun to wear on Halloween, and there are so many popular characters around these days. Maybe you want to be the anti-hero Walter White, or cool like Danny Zuko from Grease. Then there’s the sneaky Captain Jack Sparrow, and who could forget street-wise Ali G? You can become anybody you like on Halloween. If you want something a little scarier, there’s murderous Michael Myers. Then there’s Beetlejuice, and even Lord Voldemort! To make your costumes really special, don’t forget to get into character a little when you wear them!


Your accessories can make or break your Halloween costume, and there are hundreds to help you get into character. Wigs come in all different colours and styles, so you have no excuse not to dress as the character you have in mind. There are beards and moustaches, glasses, jewellery, weapons - you name it, you can find it. Rubber masks are simple to put on and look very realistic these days. Contact lenses are very popular for Halloween. They will make your eyes completely change colour. You can make them look really scary and unusual. Your accessories will make all the difference so choose them carefully.

Halloween Makeup

Special Halloween makeup can completely change your look and will finish off any scary costume perfectly. There’s glow in the dark paint, fake blood, and other vibrant colours so that you can look as realistic as possible. All you need to do is use the right tools and colours to create the perfect Halloween look. Instructions come with lots of costume makeup products, but you can also check out tutorials online for help. You’ll be surprised at how realistic you can look with just a few makeup products. Usually, no practice is required and you’ll look terrifying first time round. Dressing up for Halloween is so much fun, so you should make the effort to get involved this year. Make sure you plan your costume in advance so you can find the perfect look for the occasion and feel great. If there will be an award or prize for best dressed, that’s even more reason to put the effort in! We’ve all seen those TV programs and films where something supernatural happens on Halloween night and everybody becomes their costumes. Make sure you pick something good! You never know what could happen on the spookiest night of the year. Would you rather be a cute fairy, sinister clown, or the wise and weird Captain Jack Sparrow? Choose wisely.